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Aetios Productions, founded in 1999 by Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau, is a Montreal-based company, specializing in the production and distribution of original creations for television and films.

TV series, films and documentaries produced by Aetios stand out for their high production value and inventiveness.

The many awards and industry nods received by Aetios Productions, both in Canada and abroad, attest to their quality including Producer of the Year 2019 by the Quebec Media Producers Association (AQPM).


Aetios Productions’ mission is to create original works of outstanding quality, for mainstream television and film audiences.

Aetios is an ancient Greek word meaning “author” and true to its name, the company places special emphasis on the involvement of writers and creators in the production of its work, championing their direct participation throughout the production process.

Putting its financial and production expertise at the service of creation, Aetios Productions provide television viewers and moviegoers in Quebec and around the world with works of distinction that will stay in their hearts and minds for a long time.


Fabienne Larouche

Writer and Producer

Fabienne’s start in television as a story editor was to be the beginning of a prolific, high-octane career as a screenwriter and producer. Since 1990, Ms Larouche’s passion for creation has been instrumental in bringing several industry-changing works of fictions to the public, including such series as Virginie, one of Quebec’s highest-rated and longest-running TV programs.

Michel Trudeau

Writer and Producer

After a career in youth and correctional services as a psychologist, which saw to the publication of a book, Michel Trudeau moved to the media and entertainment world, started collaborating with Fabienne Larouche. Since the production of smash-hit drama Fortier (his first series), he has co-produced several audience favorites like Virginie, Les Bougon, and 30 vies (to name a few).

Sylvie Lacoste

Vice-President, Finance, and Executive Producer

Part of AETIOS since it was created in 1999, Sylvie Lacoste brought thoroughness and innovation to the company’s finances and management. She was key in optimizing creative and financial resources, giving the company the capacity to produce content of the highest quality.

Guillaume Lespérance


Based in Montréal, Guillaume is behind several of Quebec’s most important television success stories. For the past 18 years, he has produced Quebec’s number one talk show Tout le monde en parle for Radio-Canada, as well as the network’s daily summer cultural magazine Bonsoir Bonsoir! With Aetios productions, Guillaume is co-producting - alongside  Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau - the brand new daily drama STAT, that will be premiering this Fall, on ICI Télé. 

Zoé Méthot-Trépanier

Executive Producer

Zoé Méthot-Trépanier is a communication graduate from Université du Québec à Montréal. Her career starts in 2008, as an assistant director on the series Les sœurs Elliot. She joins AETIOS in 2010 as a production coordinator on the daily 30 Vies, which quickly gets her promoted to post-production supervisor.

Maxime Villeneuve

Executive producteur - Post-production

Since 2013, Maxime oversees the entire post-production of the Aetios catalogue.  He is the reference between all stakeholders to deliver a final product that meets Aetios standards. Since joining the Aetios production team, Maxime has worked on the post-production of the series: Trauma, Unit 9, 30 Lives, Ruptures, Blue Moon, Sur-Vie, District 31, Stallion Snake (Cheval-Serpent), Clash, as well as the movie Votez Bougon.


Geneviève Cardin

Executive producer - Digital Media

First and foremost a journalist, Geneviève Cardin and has seen her work published in many  renowned newspapers such as Le Droit and Le Nouveliste. Following her studies in political science and communications (majoring in sociology of technical development) at Université de Montréal, she specializes strategy and creation of websites, immersive environments, and ARG (Alternate Reality Games) for the television and movie industries.

Geneviève Clément

Press Relations Officer

A communication science graduate from Université de Montréal, Geneviève Clément has worked in Quebec’s cultural industry for over 15 years.

Kathleen Préfontaine

Director, Distribution & Development

Kathleen has a BFA in Design Art from Concordia University and a Minor in Marketing Management from HEC Montréal.  In 2006, she began her career in the television format distribution business at Distraction Formats as the Director of Marketing. At Aetios, she coordinates all aspects of distribution and participates in the development of new series.